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Protexin Quick Fix Syringe.

Quick Fix a very useful probiotic and prebiotic paste formulated to provide high levels to balance the micro flora rapidly.

Ideal when stressful changes are thrust upon a horse that impact on the gut. This can happen more regularly with competitions, travel, worming etc.

Each 30 ml syringe is a 'mini' course in itself.
    Six day course (5mls a day)
    Easy to use.
    Peppermint flavoured.

    Can help to rapidly re-establish your horses gut mircoflora over short periods of higher stress such as travel, worming, competition or racing, or when your horse has a change of environment or diet.

Can also be used as an aid to help maintain appetite.


Soya Oil.
Dextrose Monohydrate.
Preplex Pre-biotic(Fos & Arabinogalactan.
Silica Dioxide.
Natural Peppermint Flavour.
Green Colouring.
Protein 14%.
Oil 41%.
Fibre 8.5%.
Ash 5%.


Travel: give 4 days before travel, day of travel, and day after
        Foals: give 1-6 days to provide beneficial microflora to help protect against disease
        Worming: give 2 days before and 3 days after worming.

Available in 30ml.

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