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The flexi rubber mouth pelham can be a good alternative to a jointed bitfor some stronger horses. The flexible TPU mouthpiece moulds around thehorses mouth, giving this pelham slightly less curb action than ajointed pelham with a much milder action in the mouth. Flexi rubbermouth pelhams are best suited to horses with enough space for a fairly large or thick mouthpiece and are ideal for novice riders using astronger bit for the first time as the mouth is mild.

Pelhams should be used with two reins, the 'snaffle' rein on the largerring which should have a constant contact, and the curb rein is attachedto the smaller loose bottom ring and is used when extra control is required. The smallhole in the shank just above the curb ring is intended for a lip strap which is notessential but considered correct attire for showing and helps to keep the curb chain flat.If only one set of reins is used, pelham roundings can beused to join the snaffle and curb rings together and the reins go on theloop of leather to give an action on both mouthpiece and curb when pressure is applied.

Please note that this bit is made from a flexible black rubber and has metal all theway through for safety and strength.

Comes with a curb chain and hooks.

Available in 5", 5.5" or 6".

Please note that bits which have had the tags removed or have been in contact with the horses mouth cannot be returned for health & safety reasons.

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