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 The hanging cheek, also known as a filet baucher or half cheek snaffle is a fairly mild bit which applies mild poll pressure for slightly more control than a conventional snaffle.

The cheek of a hanging cheek bit acts in a similar way to the top section of apelham in that it exerts a small amount of poll pressure which can help reluctanthorses to break at the poll to flex more easily. The hanging cheek is one of the 'stronger'dressage legal bits due to this. The jointed mouthpiece acts like anutcracker on the bars, and will often contact with the horses palate. An ideal bit to use in a dressage for horseswhich are usually ridden in a pelham or continental bit.

This bit is dressage legal.

Available in 4", 5" or 6".

Please note that bits which have had the tags removed or have been in contact with the horses mouth cannot be returned for health & safety reasons.

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