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Stud Buddy



Introducing the horse owner’s new best friend...

The Stud Buddy is a product of unique and innovative safety conscious design, manufactured to the highest standard within the UK, and specifically designed to aid horse owners and professional riders alike in the process of applying and removing horseshoe studs pre and post competition, as well as numerous other aspects of equine maintenance such as picking out hooves, abscess care or for poultice application to name but a few.

Similar to a farrier’s hoof stand, the Stud Buddy is designed to be used as the horse owner’s “third hand” by minimising the energy and effort used in holding the foot manually, reducing the risk of damage to the handler’s back and muscle fatigue, in this case focusing on cradling and supporting the horse’s foot throughout the studding process.

Safety conscious design
Adjusts in height
Ergonomically designed cradle
Ferrite magnets specifically incorporated into the design in order to hold your studs, stud spanner or hoof pick

As well as studding, the Stud Buddy is useful for many aspects of equine management. It is useful to aid in daily tasks such as cleaning and conditioning of the hooves, to rest the leg whilst clipping those tricky spots and when trimming the fetlocks to get an even and tidy finish. Use when poulticing, when it is essential to keep the foot off the ground to ensure it remains clean and sterile.

The steel is covered by a high quality powder coating which is tougher than conventional paint. It is durable, protective and provides an attractive finish. This means the product is water resistant and resistant to fading, so can be used in all weather conditions and can withstand the cleaning session afterwards! Powder coating is also eco-friendly as it contains no pollutants, so we keep the environment happy too!

The collapsible design is not only a safety feature, but allows for easy storage and easy manoeuvrability. It is lightweight, comfortable to carry and will fit handily in any lorry, trailer or tack room. Take the Stud Buddy wherever you go and there’s no reason to struggle with your pony’s pedicures again!

Available in Red or Iron Grey

Weight in use: 2.72kg
Weight when packaged: 3.14kg
Maximum height: 52cm
Minimum height: 33cm
Width of base: 44cm
Material: Powder coated lightweight steel
Patent application no: 1307623.7

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