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  • Cavalor Hoof Aid Special 5kg

    Cavalor Hoof Aid Special is a horse hoof supplement containing a high-grade mixture of vitamins and nutrients to help restore hoof quality in a reasonable time. Some horses have very...
  • Cavalor MudDoc Mud Doc Natural Ointment To Prevent & Treat Mud Fever

    Ideal for Mud Fever and Greasy Heel. 100% Natural. Cavalor® MudDoc helps eliminate bacteria to aid in the prevention of Mud Fever. Contains a mixture of medium-chain fatty acids that have...
  • Cavalor Muscle Fit Supplement

    Helps prevent muscular problemsCavalor Muscle Fit should be used before and after intense efforts to obtain optimal muscle fitness and flexibility. After 2 days, your horse will be less subject...
    From £116.80
  • Cavalor Electroliq Balance Liquid Electrolytes

    Liquid solution to compensate for electrolyte losses through major physical exertionThe advantage of Cavalor Electroliq Balance is the delicious taste, which ensures that the electrolytes are easily accepted by the...
    From £26.40
  • Cavalor Vitaflor 365

    Living yeasts and prebiotics to enhance the absorption of important nutrients and stimulate "good" bacteriaThe intestinal tract ensures the absorption of all the necessary nutrients by the body. Its optimal...
  • Cavalor PodoGuard Hoof Oil 500ml/2000ml

    Cavalor PodoGuard can be used for cracked hoofs, sensitive hoofs and/or fragile hoofs. It improves the hoof quality and promotes hoof growth. Cavalor PodoGuard creates an optimal moisture balance, thus...
    From £23.00
  • Cavalor Fruities Horse Treats 750g

    A tasty and healthy treat for your horse with forest fruit flavour.Available in a practical 750g pouch with resealable zip.We are one of the largest independent retailers of Cavalor in...
  • Cavalor Cooling Ice Clay For Legs & Tendons After Exercise

    Cools down stressed, hot tendons & ligamentsCAVALOR Ice Clay is a poultice enriched with natural products, essential oils and minerals. The essential oils in Cavalor Ice Clay appear to have...
    From £37.00
  • Cavalor Kick Up Performance Energy Booster

    When conditional lassitude strikes for no apparent reason.Indication for useSometimes without any demonstrable reason, a horse may have a period of listlessness in both appearance and performance. As a consequence,...
  • Cavalor SoZen Competition Calmer Supplement

    Many sport horses perform below their ability because they are stressed and not able to focus on the competition. Stress, nervousness, panic, lack of concentration, are descriptions for a very...
    From £59.20
  • Cavalor Hoof Aid Supplement With Biotin Strengthens Hooves 800g

    Cavalor's Hoof Aid provides a high dose of biotin and other elements to strengthen the quality of the hooves & to support the quality of the horse's hooves and hoof...
  • Cavalor Bronchix Liquid Respiratory Supplement

    Supports the upper respiratory tract, especially in case of coughing due to irritationCavalor Bronchix Liquid is the fastest solution for colds, "stable cough" and congestion. Cavalor Bronchix Liquid also provides...
  • Cavalor Lurax Fast Acting Wound Healing Cream
    Sold Out

    Cavalor Lurax Fast Acting Wound Healing Cream

    A skin ointment ideal for treating scrapes, bruises and other skin irritations.Indication for useMinor skin wounds after an accident call for an ointment that contains everything needed for extremely fast...
  • Cavalor Leather Shine Tack Nourishing Formula

     This unique formula nourishes and keeps leather supple without becoming slippery. Indication for use New equipment needs special treatment. Cavalor developed a leather balm to nourish the leather and to keep...
  • Cavalor Free Bute Gel For Pain & Inflammation Relief

    Cavalor Free Bute Gel For Pain & Inflammation Relief Cavalor ® FreeBute Gel is an intense gel which can be used for swollen legs, painful joints and sensitive or overworked...
    From £28.00
  • Cavalor Free Bute Tablets x 90

    Natural ingredients providing relief to muscles and joints in distressCavalor FreeBute supports the muscles and joints of horses that have to deliver top performances. It may relieve joints and muscle...
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