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Saddle Sales, Fitting & Adjustment Services

Cork Farm Equestrian are pleased to offer an extensive range of Amerigo, Equipe, Bates, Wintec & Acavallo saddles

Our fully qualified saddle fitting and adjustment specialist Emily Best is available for appointments Monday-Saturday throughout Kent. Emily is available further afield for multiple fittings or for combined saddle fitting & sports therapy appointments. Emily is able to visit you and your horse to give you the professional advice required to ensure you have the perfect saddle and it is fitted correctly so you can get the very most out of your time in the saddle with the peace of mind that your horse is in total comfort.

To make an appointment or to discuss your horses requirements in more detail please call 01233 740817 or send an email to info@corkfarmequestrian.co.uk

 Saddle Sales Fitting & Adjustment Services


Our Saddle Range

Cork Farm Equestrian are able to supply the entire range of new Amerigo, Equipe, Bates, Wintec & Acavallo Saddles to suit every riders budget. We have a huge variety of styles to suit all disciplines. During your appointment you will be given the opportunity to ride in a demo model of the saddle of your choice & confirm it's suitability before making your purchase of a new saddle. In some cases it may be necessary for you to trial a saddle for a few days & this can usually be arranged during your appointment.

Paying for your Saddle

Cork Farm Equestrian are able to take payment for saddles by Debit Card, Credit Card, Bank Transfer or *Cheque.

We can also offer a range of competitive FCA approved finance options for new saddles purchased over the value of £1,500.

How will a saddle fitting appintment with Emily help?

With therapies and the importance of having your saddle fitted correctly becoming more recognised by vets, trainers and riders of all levels & disciplines; horses of all levels and ages are feeling the numerous benefits. Below are some of the important factors that come with having these essential checks.

-  Regulation of the bodies essential working systems
-  Enhanced delivery of oxygen, blood, nutrients and electrolytes
-  Improved metabolism
-  Removal of waste products, toxins and lactic acid
-  Injury prevention and rehabilitation
-  Increased range of movement, flexibility and suppleness
-  Improved natural posture
-  Improved performance and optimal fitness in all disciplines
-  Balanced behavior and emotional well-being
-  Reduced anxiety, nervousness and touch-shyness
-  Relief of pain, muscular stress and tension, stress points and trigger points

Saddle Fitting

Following a conversation about your horse and your rider requirements a suitable selection of saddles will be brought to your appointment for you to view & try.

During your fitting a full static assessment of your horse will be carried out. A range of suitable saddles will be tried statically & the selection that fit the horse are then ridden in. Dynamic assessments of each saddle, the biomechanics of the horse and the position of the rider in each saddle will be carried out followed by discussion with the rider (and trainers if present). The purchase of the right saddle for you & your horse would then follow. Usually saddles are available immediately on the day of the fitting although certain brands require measurements to be taken and a special order saddle required for that horse. This is also true if the saddle present at the time of fitting is not the right colour or leather for example.

Saddle Checks/ Adjustments

All saddles should be regularly checked as horses change shape constantly & in some cases weekly. This of course depends on many contributing factors, for example their breed, age and workload. Between 3 months and 6 months is usually recommended depending on the horse and the work they are in. A saddle check consists of a static evaluation, then a ridden assessment which like a fitting would evaluate the saddle, the biomechanics of the horse and the position of the rider. If a slight imbalance is present adjustments can be made. These depend the particular saddle but can vary from gullet change, inserts and flocking adjustments. The possibility of taking the saddle away to adjust the tree width is also possible although other methods are preferred and will be tried first where possible. Once adjustments and assessments are made the saddle tree and flocking (where possible) will be checked as a precaution.

Saddle Fitting Charges

Saddle fitting, checks & adjustments in our local area start from just £60 which is payable in advance or at the beginning of your fitting by cash or bank transfer directly to Emily. Discounts are available for multiple horses or for dual therapy & saddle fitting sessions carried out at the same address within the same appointment. This fee is inclusive & covers the costs of travel, time & expert advice. Appointments further afield are available on request. Please contact us for pricing if you are outside of our local area. If a brand new saddle is purchased at your fitting with a value in excess of £1,500 your fitting fee will be deducted from the price of your saddle. In certain cases a saddle may need to be ordered in for you especially. In these instances a non refundable deposit may be charged but this would be deducted from the price of your saddle once a purchase is made.

About Emily

Emily qualified as an Equine sports therapist in 2012. Having always wanted to be an equine therapist after watching a therapist bring one of her own horses back from a serious injury she went to study her degree at Writtle College.

Emily is now a fully qualified Equine sports therapist.

After being in the industry for a few years Emily became aware that a lot of the issues that she was finding in the horses backs were saddle/tack related. Emily then went on to undertake training with a qualified Master Saddler, where she learnt saddle fitting and adjusting saddles through various methods including flocking adjustments.

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