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Horse bits from Cork Farm Equestrians online store.
  • Myler 04 Baucher Hanging Cheek Low Port Comfort Snaffle Level 2 BD Legal 89-4104

    Myler's no-pinch ISM version of French Link with port  Actsonthe  tongue and corners of bars, gently wrapping lips, but the port gives more tongue relief when the bit is not...
  • Myler 36 Baucher Hanging Cheek Forward Tilt Ported Barrel Lvl 2 BD Legal 89 4136

    Forward tilted version of the MB06 with a 3/4" port angled forward by 45degrees with independent side movement.Acts on the lips and bars and on the tongue with a strong...
  • JHL Pro Steel Continental French Link 4-Ring Dutch Gag

      Also known as a dutch gag, the rings offer leverage options to increaseseverity. The french link reduces the nutcracker action and pinching on the horse's tongue which encourages it...
  • JHL Pro- Steel Hollow Loose Ring Snaffle With Brass Lozenge
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    JHL Pro- Steel Hollow Loose Ring Snaffle With Brass Lozenge

      Hollow mouthed bits are milder than solid mouthpieces as they arethicker in diameter, which means the pressure of the mouthpiece on thelips is distributed over a larger area. Lozenge...
  • Farnam Sealtex Latex Bandage Self Sealing Waterproof Bandage

    Sealtex is the only bandage which is completely unaffected by water. It does not absorb water whatsoever, so no weight is added to your horse's leg when in use. It...
  • JHL Pro Steel Flexi Mullen Mouth Pelham

    The flexi mullen mouth pelham can be a good alternative to a jointed bitfor some stronger horses. The flexible TPU mouthpiece moulds around thehorses mouth, giving this pelham slightly less...
  • JHL Pro Steel Hanging Cheek Filet Baucher Snaffle

       The hanging cheek, also known as a filet baucher or half cheek snaffle is a fairly mild bit which applies mild poll pressure for slightly more control than a...
  • JHL Pro-Steel Loose Ring Single Jointed Snaffle

      Loose rings make a more mobile bit than an eggbutt or fixed cheek, whichshould encourage your horse to keep a relaxed jaw and mouth the bit.Useful if your horse...
  • Lorina Chifney Anti Rearing In Hand Bit

    A chifney is a very simple contraption.A chifney can be extremely severe if used inappropriately. The metal is very thin and rests on the horse’s tongue. It discourages the horse...
  • Lorina Cambridge or French Link Rugby Pelham Showing Bit

    Rugby Pelham CheeksThe Rugby Pelham is becoming a big hit in the showing world as an alternative to the Weymouth and bradoon. It gives the look of a double bridle...
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  • Myler 36 Bradoon Bridoon Low Port Comfort Snaffle Level 2-3 BD Legal 89-DB-4036

    The Myler "Bridoon" Snaffle Bradoon Bit MB 36 offers a nice alternative to traditional bradoon bits. The MB 36 is the Myler alternative to the traditional mullen mouthpiece used in many western...
  • Myler 04 Pelham Low Port Comfort Shaffle with Centre Barrel Level 2-3 89-2604

    As 02 (Myler's no-pinch ISM version of French Link) but with port. Acts on tongue and corners of bars, gently wrapping the lips. The port gives more tongue relief when the...
  • JHL Pro-Steel Rubber Covered Loose Ring Snaffle

       A slightly kinder version of the traditional metal bit, the rubbercovering is warmer and softer on the bars which makes it more suitablefor soft mouthed horses.Available in 5", 5.5"...
  • JHL Pro-Steel Mullen Mouth Pelham
    Sold Out

    JHL Pro-Steel Mullen Mouth Pelham

       The curved mouthpiece of this bit gives space for the tongue, with nocollapse on the bars and no real palate pressure. Can be used withdouble reins or pelham roundings.Comes...
  • JHL Pro-Steel Looped Ring Dr Bristol

      Ideal for the showring as it gives extra control whilst still lookingsmart and neat. The bit is designed to give added poll pressure when therein aids are used. The...
  • JHL Pro-Steel Single Jointed Eggbutt Snaffle Bit

     Useful for horses that are unsure of the bit as it doesn't move around too much in the mouth and should encourage the horse to stretch into thecontact. The single...
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