Saddles and saddle accessories from premium brands such as Bates, Wintec and Horseware.
Please contact us if you have any queries about which saddle is right for you and our advisers will be happy to help. Please note that Cork Farm Equestrian offer a Saddle Fitting Service in the South East of England.

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Wintec Pro Adjustable Synthetic Australian Stock Western Saddle with HART NEW

The Wintec Pro Stock is perfect for scenic and long distance rides, high-speed activities, or starting young horses. The grippy, comfortable seat and traditional design ensures you will be supported...

Wintec 500 All Purpose Adjustable GP General Purpose Saddle HART Black/Brown NEW

Practicality and comfort at its best, the Wintec 500 All Purpose is a quality saddle for you to explore wherever you dare! You will feel secure in your position with...

Wintec 500 WIDE AllPurpose Adjustable GP General Purpose Saddle HART Black/Brown

Durable comfort designed especially for you and your wide horse to explore in any weather! The Wintec 500 Wide All Purpose helps you feel secure in your position with a...

Wintec LITE PONY All Purpose D'Lux Adjustable General Purpose Saddle HART Black

The WintecLite Pony All Purpose D’Lux is ideal for pleasure riding or participating in multiple disciplines, the new saddles feature hi-tech, durable and weatherproof materials that are extremely soft and...

Wintec Kids General All Purpose Pony Saddle Comfort, Security, Stability Black

Let their passion for horses develop in a saddle designed especially for your very young rider. The Wintec Kids provides your young rider with a comfortable, secure and supportive seat,...

Bates Victrix Close Contact Adjustable Show Jumping Saddle CAIR Black/Brown/Mix

Victory is yours…in your new show jumping secret weapon.Unleash your horse’s true power in the NEW Bates Victrix. At take off… you will feel increased power, lift and perfect bascule...

Selleria Equipe Emporio Dressage Special MonoFlap Saddle Black 17" M+1 SALE

Equipe Emporio Dressage Special Saddle Part of the infamous Emporio family by Equipe catapulted into popularity as the Emporio dressage was the model rode in by Charlotte Dujardin at the...
£3,050.00 £2,250.00

Wintec LITE WIDE All Purpose D’Lux Adjustable General Purpose Saddle HART Black

The WintecLite WIDE All Purpose D’Lux features a luxurious and grippy seat specially designed to counteract the wideness of the saddle. You will feel total comfort while leisure riding or...