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Stirrup Irons

Stirrup irons from Cork Farm Equestrians online store.


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  • Acavallo Opera Stirrups

    New Opera Stirrup special patented loop suspension permits these stirrups to hang with perfect balance, angle & flexibility. Laser cut stainless steel foot plate is supported by twin moulded side...
  • Horseware Amigo Curved Stirrups

    Curved design for a more ergonomic fit. Lightweight, soft Polymer grip acts as a shock absorber during use.Available in Black in One Size Only (14cm base)We are one of the...
  • Horseware Amigo Flexi Stirrups

    With optional rubber and grater grips included to allow the rider to choose which they prefer, ergonomic design and flexi sides allows the rider to position their foot optimally for...
  • Horseware Amigo Lightweight Stirrups

    Removable soft grip, great everyday stirrups for all disciplines.Available in Black in Pony (width 11.5cm height 13.5cm) or Full (width 13.5cm height 15.5cm)We are one of the largest independent retailers...
  • Horseware Amigo Stirrup Covers
    Sold Out

    Horseware Amigo Stirrup Covers

    This cover fits onto the Amigo Stirrup and most irons. It gives added safety to the rider by preventing their foot from slipping forward and becoming trapped in the stirrup...
  • Horseware Rambo EasyUp Stirrups

    Lightweight High Quality Die Cast Alloy Construction frame with a shock absorbing Nylon plastic footrest. This stirrup, the first mechanical product developed for riders, gives you the option to look...
  • Sprenger Bow Balance Saftey Stirrups

    The Sprenger bow balance stirrup provides an improved leg position, resulting in better balance and greater comfort for the rider Greater shock absorbing grip is achieved by a wider stirrup...
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