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Boots, magnet and massage therapy products, supplements and stirrup leathers on Cork Farm Equestrians online store.

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Equilibrium Stretch & Flex FLATWORK WRAPS Supportive Dressage

Comfortable, breathable leg wraps offering the support of an exercise bandage with the convenience of a boot. Suitable for flatwork schooling and hacking well established and balanced horses that need...

Equilibrium SYMMETRY Lower Leg Training Aid Straps Correct Rider Leg Position

A Simple and Effective Lower Leg Training Aid Symmetry Straps are a simple idea designed to help riders develop a feel for the correct leg position in the saddle and...

Equilibrium MASSAGE PAD Horse Back Circulation Therapy New Style Standard or XL

Equilibrium Products Equine Massage PadA lightweight and portable massage pad, clinically proven to improve back flexibility and promote relaxation.Developed through clinical trials at Myerscough College, UK, the Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad‘s innovative...

Equilibrium Field Relief MIDI UV Face Protection Padded Fly & Insect Mask

A long-lasting and comfortable fly mask that forms an effective barrier from flies and sun rays. Fits very comfortably over the horse’s head. Screens out over 70% of harmful UV...

Equilibrium Tri-Zone ALLSPORTS All Sport BOOT Event XC Jumping Boots NEW for 2020

One of the most versatile boots on the market, designed to be the perfect all-rounder and suitable for a wide range of disciplines from endurance and racing, to dressage, jumping,...

Equilibrium Field Relief Detachable MUZZLE FRINGE Tassel Fly & Insect

The new Field Relief Muzzle Fringe is perfect for those who don’t need UV protection over the muzzle, but still need relief from the flies. Even better, it attaches to...

Equilibrium STELLAR Field Safe Yard Trailer Box Saftey Release Headcollar Halter Brown Large SALE

Any horse wearing a standard headcollar while unattended such as in a field or stable can potentially lead to serious trouble with the headcollar becoming caught & sever injury is...
£49.50 £44.50

Equilibrium Field Relief MIDI + EARS UV Protection Padded Fly & Insect Mask

The Field Relief Midi fly mask with ears is a long-lasting and comfortable fly mask that offers excellent protection from flies and sun rays. Screens out over 70% of harmful UV rays....