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  • LeMieux Comfort Shield Nose Filter

    New design allows for a cutaway front section to accommodate flash & grackle nosebands.Lightweight nose cover of fine mesh with excellent UV reflection. Both comfortable and protective for that essential...
  • LeMieux ProSport Stealth Air Shoc Cross Country Boots

    The latest boot to join the LeMieux ProSport stable is the Stealth Air Mark III XC boot. These ruthlessly efficient cross-country boots tick all the boxes, lightweight, breathable, protective and...
    From £42.50
  • LeMieux Support Boots

    The best all round boot for turnout, schooling or competition. Lightweight and protective but allowing flexibility of movement. Offers support to the fetlock and tendon. Recommended by many vets. Breathable...
  • LeMieux Pro Touch Performance Riding Gloves

    The new riding glove by LeMieux. Genuine goats leather palm and reinforced fingers for durabilty when riding. Mesh upper allows ventillation and moisture control. Low profile elegant design gives that...
  • LeMieux Teknique Tendon Show Jumping Boots

    LeMieux Teknique Tendon Show Jumping Boots Unique freeform gel lining contours tendons to protect from the stress and concussion of jumping and turning. Super soft cut away design allows for...
  • LeMieux Memory Foam Bandage Pads

    Memory foam filIing provides ideal support under any stable or exercise bandage. These breathable pads have a soft towelling flannel lining to wick away heat & sweat and dry wet...
  • LeMieux Hippo Brush

    The perfect two-in-one grooming aid, cross between a sponge and a brush. Combines gentle but effective bristle brush on one side with a feel-good rubber scrubby on the other. Can...
  • LeMieux Suede GP Square

    A classic saddle pad now available in general purpose cut this beautiful suede square sets new standards in style & comfort. Now established as the iconic LeMieux look when combined...
    From £37.95
  • LeMieux Tangle Tidy

    LeMieux Tangle Tidy - Gets to grips with Knots! Wavy toggles combat knotted hair and cope with the toughest manes and tails. The ergonomic handle offers comfort and grip, whilst...
  • LeMieux Vogue Diamante Crystal Fly Hood / Veil

    These are the newest additions to the LeMieux Fly Hood range and are the highest quality ear covers you can buy. Handmade close-knit crochet, an inlaid line of crystal diamonte...
  • LeMieux Wizard Brush Trio

    The brush that can be used wet or dry, removes mud, sweat and loose hair with ease. 3 brushes in each pack We are one of the largest independent retailers...
  • LeMieux Flair Nasal Strips

      Designed to prevent the collapse of the soft outer nasal passages during strenuous exercise, helping to maintain the normal airflow and optimise the oxygen intake. Widely used by event...
    From £9.95
  • LeMieux Ringers Overreach Boots

    Durable overreach boots for turnout, schooling & competition. All the benefits of flexible natural compound rubber offering less rigid protection but with horizontal rings for added strength. Double lock Velcro...
  • LeMieux Signature Crochet Fly Hood

    Signature Fly Hoods by LeMieux. Collection & Coordination. The newest high quality ear covers from LeMieux. Hand made from two styles of close-knit crochet with comfortable high-density fabric ears that...
    From £19.95
  • LeMieux Teknique Fetlock Show Jumping Boots

    The same unique freeform gel lining specifically shaped to mould around joints and protect from the stress and concussion of jumping and turning. Super soft contoured design allows for optimum...
  • LeMieux Top Zop Plaiting Tool

    This amazing new gadget is a real must for plaiting. Its great function allows you to keep mane under control while you can concentrate on making your plaits neat. The...
  • LeMieux Airprene Turnout Boots

    Help prevent mud fever!Strong Airprene boots contoured to fit the lower leg. Perforated to allow exchange of air and keep the legs cooler when turning out for extended periods. Strengthened...
  • LeMieux Carbon Cooler Rug

    Carbon Cooler by LeMieux... Redefining the meaning of coolingThis Incredibly lightweight and comfortable cooler is suitable before & after exercise. Cross-woven nano fibre layers control airflow to cool whilst maintaining...
  • LeMieux Comfort Shield Full Fly Mask with Ears & Nose
    Sold Out

    LeMieux Comfort Shield Full Fly Mask with Ears & Nose

    Brand New Design for Spring 2017At last a new fly mask with the horse in mind. Comfort has been made top priority with soft merino lambswool lining strips across the...
  • LeMieux Hands On Grooming Mitt

       10% OFF FOR ONE WEEK ONLY - ENDS JULY 28TH This is Hands On Grooming as you've never experienced it before! HandsOn Gloves are a revolutionary concept that go...
  • LeMieux Hippo Mitt

    Fantastic addition to anyones grooming kit. Soft, flexible & double sided texuture mitt. Made from premium natural rubber compound. Can be used wet or dry to shed loose hair or...
  • LeMieux Luxury Fleece Polo Bandages

    NEW improved Luxury LeMieux fleece bandages. These Beautiful fleece exercise bandages are made from the highest quality fleece to avoid pilling. They can be used on their own or with...
    From £20.95
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