Supplements, feeds and grooming products for your pets from Cork Farm Equestrians online store.

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Horseware Rambo IONIC DOG BED Comfy Supportive Rid Toxins Help Stiff Joints

The inner fabric of the dog bed is printed with our Rambo Ionic technology made of the crystal tourmaline. Tourmaline releases Negative Ions, which aids in increasing blood flow to...

Kevin Bacon's Cooling Natural Leg Clay For Removing Heat From Tendons & Tissues After Exercise or Injury

Manicouagan sea clay is a natural product from the Saint Laurent River, Canada. Over 215 million years old, this remarkable product has 42 different atomic elements and contains interstitial sea...

Kevin Bacons Natural Nutritional Hoof Formula For Hoof Growth Supplement

Kevin Bacon's Hoof Formula is a highly digestible, nutritional supplement scientifically formulated to assist the growth and quality ofthe horses' hoof. It has been formulated and tested by the Department...

Leovet Leoveties Treats Healthy Treats With Added Vitamins & Minerals

A tasty blend of highly nutritious cereal, vitamins and minerals. They contain easy to digest carbohydrates from maize, grains and legumes to help provide the energy necessary for an active...

Protexin Gut Lix Apple 10 Vital Minerals Preplex Prebiotics Highly Palatable

Protexin Gut Lix  is a new health lick containing essential salt and minerals that are vital to a horse or pony's diet. It also contains Preplex prebiotics to support their gut...