Heavyweight pony stable rugs from Cork Farm Equestrians online store.

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Horseware Amigo PETITE Miniature COSY STABLE Rug Heavyweight 350g

From our first specialised range for miniature horses and petite ponies! Our specialised range for miniature equines. Fleece collar & shine enhancing polyester lining and cross surcingles as standard. Made...

Horseware Rambo 400g Heavyweight Stable Rug

Classic cut design with double front closures. Fillet string, cross surcingles and cosy microfibre lining keeps that horse warm and comfortable. Thermobonded fibrefill for superior and long lasting heat retention.Made...

Horseware Rambo 450g Heavyweight Stable Rug Plus with Vari Layer

Surefit Neck design with V-front closure to give freedom of movement.Wipe clean tail cord, liner loops, tail flap, cross surcingles and cosymicrofibre lining keeps the horse warm and comfortable. Thermobonded...

Horseware Rambo Cosy 400g Heavyweight Stable Rug with Fleece Collar

Cosy fleece collar around the horses neck combined with our Surefit Neck design and V-front closure to give freedom of movement. Wipe clean tail cord, tail flap, cross surcingles and...

Horseware Rambo OPTIMO STABLE RUG Bib Front Heavy 400g

Surefit Neck design and Rambo® Split technology to give the ultimate freedom of movement. Adjustable innovative front piece to prevent rubbing on the underside of the neck and chest. Padding...

Horseware Rhino Original 450g Heavyweight Vari-Layer Stable Rug with Fleece Collar

Classic cut design with double front closures. Updated to feature a cosy fleece collar around the neck, integrated wither pad to lift the rug which aids in preventing mane or...