We've prepared an easy guide to answer your
Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand which batteries & chargers suit each style Massage Pad & Massage Mitt


1. For the Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad, can I use the Silver Battery with the old style Chargers?

The Silver Equilibrium Therapy Battery can only be charged by the new International Charger. Do not use with old style Equilibrium Therapy chargers


2. Can I use the new Equilibrium Therapy International Charger with the old style Equilibrium Therapy Batteries?

Equilibrium Therapy International Charger can only charge the silver Equilibrium Therapy Battery. Do not use to charge old style Equilibrium Therapy batteries


3. Can the new Equilibrium Therapy Batteries & Equilibrium Therapy International Chargers be used to power old style black or navy Therapy Massage Pads?

The Silver Equilibrium Battery and International Charger CAN be used together to power the black or navy Massage Pads


4. Can the new Equilibrium Therapy Battery and Equilibrium International Charger be used for the old style Navy Therapy Massage Mitt?

The Silver Equilibrium Battery and International Charger
CANNOT be used with the old style navy Massage Mitt
The old style black batteries and old style chargers are no
longer available. If you have a customer who requires a
battery or charger for an old style massage mitt

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