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Let your horse relax with the Hotspot heat pad for horses.

Offering comforting heat and massage, the Hotspot heat pad soothes and relaxes your horses hardworking muscles.

  • The choice is yours – pick from heat and 2 types of massage
  • Tailor the massage with 3 different strengths
  • Fits into your daily routine with a 10-minute programme
  • There’s no muscle you can’t reach
  • Battery operated to take it with you wherever you go

Plus – the Hotspot heat pad is not just for horses! You can use it on yourself too!

The Massage Mitt Hotspot heat pad for horses allows a tailored session to meet your needs!

Not just a heat pad for horses, you can:

Use cyclical massage for your horse if you are holding the Hotspot heat pad still. This is useful when targeting a specific area or trigger point.

Use continuous massage for your horse if you are moving the Hotspot heat pad over larger areas. This allows each sweep to deliver the same massage.

Use the heat for your horse on its own for a gentle session to increase circulation. This is ideal for sensitive horses or in the later stages of healing post injury. Heat is also perfect to help warm up muscles prior to stretching your horse.

For the ultimate session, use heat and massage together! This is best suited when holding the Hotspot heat pad in one area or sweeping it over a smaller area.

Using the Hotspot heat pad on yourself .

The Massage Mitt Hotspot is not only for horses! It’s easy clean material means you can use it on yourself too! Hannah Donnelly, Chartered Physiotherapist BSc (Hons), talks us where and how to use it on 4 ‘pain’ areas common to horse riders.

Don’t need heat for your horse?

Our popular Massage Mitt offers massage solution for your horse, without the heat.

Caution! Do not use on the following (for humans and horses):

  • Open wounds, new injuries, or new swelling (for the first 48 hours).
  • Where there is suspected infection or malignant tumours.
  • Burn injuries or deep vein thrombosis.
  • Over the abdomen if pregnant.
  • Circulatory problems, causing hypo or hyper sensitivity to heat.
  • Active bleeding, bruising or haematoma.
  • Bony areas such as the wither, point of shoulder or hip.

Do not apply more than 2 consecutive cycles of heat in one spot.

Using the Hotspot heat pad for horses

Getting Started

A full charge of the battery can take up to 12 hours. The charger indicator light with be red when charging. It will turn to green once the battery is fully charged.

Open the base of the Hotspot heat pad by using the red tabs. Plug the connector into the battery and then you’re ready to go!

The Hotspot will run approx. 10 x 10 minute heat and massage sessions from a fully charged battery (based on the high massage setting). To prolong the life of your battery, please disconnect when not in use.

Choosing your setting

To select the desired massage setting, press the relevant button once for low, twice for medium and three times for high. Pressing it for a fourth time will turn the Hotspot heat pad off.

Your can turn heat on/off by simply pushing the button once.

LOW – this is best suited for a relaxing massage:

  • After exercise
  • On a day of rest
  • For a sensitive horse
  • When introducing the Hotspot for the first time.

MEDIUM – this is best suited for general maintenance and everyday use:

  • For a pre-exercise warm up
  • General maintenance massage

HIGH – this is best suited:

  • For horses who prefer a more intense massage
  • Those with thicker coats
  • Horses who are a bit overweight

Using the Heat function

Using heat will draw more energy from the battery than massage. When your battery no longer has enough power to run heat, all icons on the control panel will flash and turn off. You will still be able to use massage for a while after this happens. To use heat again, please fully recharge your battery.

Benefits of Heat and Massage

Our horses work hard for us with a lot of pressure being put onto their muscles through exercise, which can potentially lead to tension and muscle soreness.

Massage and heat are two simple ways in which we can help support our horse’s muscles.


Performance depends on freedom of movement, full flexibility and an absence of musculoskeletal pain, all of which can be improved using massage (Gellman, 1998).

These factors also contribute towards keeping your horse comfortable and happy in general too!

Benefits of Massage include:

• Increases circulation and oxygen to muscles

• Aids removal of toxins

• Helps recovery after exercise

• Promotes the release of endorphins (natural ‘feel good’ hormones)


Using heat is a great way to help sensitive horses who may find massage too much – for example if they are in discomfort. Heat is non-invasive, gentle and well accepted with many associated benefits.

Research suggests for a therapeutic effect, tissue temperature needs to increase by at least 3 to 5°C from the resting temperature (Bockstahler et al, 2004). However using something that is too hot could cause discomfort and even damage to the tissue.

Did you know?

The NEW Massage Mitt Hotspot has been tested to increase skin temperature by 8.7°C on average?

Before Hotspot use

After 10 minutes with the Hotspot

Benefits of Heat include:

• Increases circulation and oxygen to muscles

• Encourages muscle relaxation

• Increases flexibility of fibrous tissue, such as tendons, ligaments and scar tissue

• Pain relief, based on the pain gate theory (Goldberg et al, 2017)

Using the Hotspot on yourself

As rider ourselves, we know all about the aches and pains that come from time in the saddle. Using the Massage Mitt Hotspot on yourself can help ease them.

Heat Setting

Use heat on its own for a non invasive session to promote circulation. This is best suited for muscle spasms, muscle fatigue or delayed muscle soreness post exercise. Heat is also perfect to use prior to any stretches, such as yoga or pilates. We advise the heat element is used over clothing or with a towel wrapped around it to avoid direct contact with skin.

Cyclical Massage

Use this option if you are holding the Hotspot still. Usually best for targeting a specific area or trigger point. Places to use this could include the lower back, neck or shoulders.

Continuous Massage

Use this option when moving the Hotspot over larger areas. This ensures each sweep delivers the same massage. Areas to use this includes the quads, hip flexors or adductors.

Want to find out more about the areas to use the Massage Mitt Hotspot on yourself?

To prolong the life of your battery please

  • store out of sunlight
  • store in a cool temperature regulated & dry environment
  • try not to run the battery completely flat & charge in between uses if battery power is low
  • fully charge the battery before leaving for a period of storage
  • fully charge the battery before its first use after a period of storage

Available in Grey.

Please note that owing to international air freight safety restrictions on L-ion Batteries we cannot ship this item outside of the UK Mainland

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