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A great value, super-stylish boot, perfect to use every day for hacking, schooling, lunging and turnout.

  • Extremely lightweight; they don’t hold water!
  • Independently tested for breathability and protection.
  • Flexible.
  • Breathable.

Made from high quality Spacer Fabric and EVA Waffle making them flexible, durable, comfortable to wear and breathable. The design ensures your horses’ legs are kept cool, whilst protecting your horses’ legs from brushing during ridden work or out in the field.

Fluorescent variation made using highly reflective tape that meets the standard EN 20471.

Can be worn on front or hind legs as required.

What is the inspiration behind the Tri-Zone Brushing Boots?

As preventing horses’ legs from overheating is such a ‘hot’ topic, we wanted to create a brushing boot that moved away from the traditional neoprene to something that is scientifically tested to fulfil its role protecting the leg from brushing related injuries, while remaining as breathable as possible. While the Tri-Zone All-Sports Boots are very breathable, not every horse or activity warrants maximum or all round protection, so a durable and lightweight brushing boot was the solution.

What are the materials used in the Tri-Zone Brushing Boots?

Inner Layer: The spacer fabric on the inside of the boot creates a soft lining against your horses’ leg. Ideal to act as a ‘cushion’ and comfortable to wear, the spacer fabric is also fantastic at letting heat and moisture pass through easily to get sweat and warmth away from the skin. This fabric doesn’t hold water, to ensure they stay lightweight even when wet!

Outer Layer: EVA material is commonly found in the soles of human shoes and as padding on sports equipment - this material is durable, breathable, and protective. We’ve made sure it's easy to clean and maintain too. Tested in a laboratory to withstand a considerable amount of brushing action, the EVA is abrasion and scratch resistant, doesn’t hold any water and offers great impact protection.

Who are the Tri-Zone Brushing Boots for?

In short, the Tri-Zone Brushing Boots are for everyone. Due to the breathable and protective properties of the boot they can be for flatwork, hacking, can even splash through water without the boots becoming heavy as they do not with hold water, or turnout in all conditions.

The breathable material makes them perfect for all year round especially in hot weather, unlike traditional neoprene brushing boots, the Tri-Zone Brushing Boots provide good ventilation to keep your horses legs cool and are the most breathable boot within our range.

Due to their design and the sizes available, they fit a wide variety of horses too – from those with little bone to horses with feather. Their design also allows for free movement of the fetlock – a high motion joint that plays a fundamental part in how your horse moves.

How do I care for the Tri-Zone Brushing Boots?

The boots can be washed off with a rinse from the hose or if needing a slightly more thorough wash, they are machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius. Leave them to air dry away from a direct heat source and they will be dry and ready to use in no time!

How do I fit the Brushing Boots?
  1. Take measurements. Most boot brands will offer boots in sizes ‘small’, ‘medium’ and ‘large’ or ‘pony’, ‘cob’ and ‘full’, but these can be rather abstract terms (as many of us will have experienced when trying to shop for clothes – one shop’s ‘small’ is another’s ‘extra-large’!), so having an idea of your horse or pony’s actual measurements can help. We’d recommend measuring both front and hind legs, as it is very common for horses to take different sizes for both. See our size guide for measurements for these boots.
  2. When putting the boots on, with the longer part on the inside of your horses’ leg covering the inside of the fetlock joint, slide the boot down the cannon bone until you should feel the boot ‘fit’ into place as the front of the boot comes down to meet the top of the fetlock joint.
  3. Correct ‘tension’. One finger should fit snugly between the top of the boot and the horse's leg. If the boot is too tight it could rub the horse's skin, or cause damage to the tendons. If the boot is too loose it could move around or down the leg
Why use Brushing Boots?

Brushing Boots are a popular choice of boot to protect the horse’s lower leg during exercise from ‘brushing’ injuries. These are injuries that may occur if one leg, or hoof, strikes the opposite leg. Brushing boots can also provide protection from minor scrapes and injuries during schooling, hacking, or turnout. This modern brushing boot is also lightweight, durable and the most cost-effective boot for everyday use.

Does your horse need more protection than a Brushing Boot can offer?

Depending on your horse and what you do with them, they might need more protection. While they are a great tack room staple, Brushing Boots are great for protection against brushing, but not too much else. With an advancement in materials, some boots are made from highly breathable materials, while offering more all round protection. Take a look at the Tri-Zone All Sports Boots for example. These boots not only offer all round protection, but specific tendon protection too. This might be useful when jumping, doing fast work, or on a big moving horse.

Available in Black, White, Royal Blue, Brown, Hi Viz Pink, Hi Viz Yellow or Plum in XS, S, M, MW, L & XL Sold in Pairs

*Fluorescent Yellow Hi Viz version are available on our separate listing*

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