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Perfect for sharing with horsey friends, whether it be a birthday, special anniversary or just any excuse!

Made from the same formulation as regular Stud Muffins and pre-cut into eight slices so there's no fighting over the largest slice.

Each cake is carefully wrapped in special Stud Muffins greaseproof paper and presented in an attractive gift box.

This horse cake is delivered plain, so is ideal for you to personalise with carrots etc to suit your horses preference.

Delicious handmade horse treat cake containing a host of tasty ingredients including oats, barley, wheat, molasses, linseed, fenugreek and wholegrains to ensure they are as delicious as they are nutritious. Hand made with care and devotion, fortified with extra protein and flax seeds ensuring they are healthy and enjoyable for your horse.

We are one of the largest independent retailers of Likit in the UK and a verified premium stockist giving us access to the entire range. Our sales advisors all use these products on a daily basis so are able to offer you expert advice. If you need any assistance in selecting the right item for you or your horse please don't hesitate to contact us.