Copper tends to be used with other metal. Having two metals in a moist environment basically creates a small battery - it's the tiny electrical current that causes the horse to salivate and play with the bit, rather than the taste of the copper itself.

The advantage over stainless steel or other bit materials is that the horse may prefer the taste/sensation of these other bits.

'It makes a good bit for training because it's simple for the horse to understand,'

Full Cheek Bits

Full Cheek bits are a fixed cheek bit, this may be useful for the young horses as it should encourage the horse to stretch into the contact.

A fixed bit would be less suitable if your horse is prone to leaning or taking hold of the bit.

Full cheek bits are the most popular choice for familiarization and initially backing or bringing on the young horse.

The bit is a safe option for the green, young or inexperience horse/rider as it will stay in place and will not slide through the mouth as would a normal snaffle.

We in the office find these bits a tackroom essential for horses/ponies that are inclined to nap! The bit works by applying pressure to the cheek when an turning aid is asked.

The full cheek bits can be used with or without fulmer loops/keepers. The keepers will add additional stability and increase poll pressure.

A safer alternative for younger children would be the full spoon bits as the cheek piece are less pointy and not as long.

Single Jointed Bits

The single joint puts pressure on the sides of the tongue, on the lips and on the bars due to the nutcracker. The single jointed bits also may have a head raising action so would be less suitable for your horse if they ride with a high head carriage or above the bit.

Breeds that have particularly large tongues, have less room in the mouth for a single jointed bit as this pushes the bit nearer the roof of the mouth.

Arabs/TB's have a lower palate, both of these examples may not benefit from the single jointed bits as the nutcracker action may cause brushing of the roof of the mouth.

Available in Stainless Steel in 4.5', 5', 5.5' or 6'.

Please note that bits which have had the tags removed or have been in contact with the horses mouth cannot be returned for health & safety reasons.

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